One Campus, One Voice

During the past 20 years I have had the privilege of sharing with students, residents, faculty and members of the entire non-teaching university community of the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus. Day by day, these professionals give their best to ensure the well being of the island. Our values ​​are shared: We move service, education and research.

Life gave me the opportunity to lead the Department of Surgery at the School of Medicine for the past seven years. Thanks to our teamwork, we made the Department of Surgery the first nationwide to receive accreditation for ten years. We achieve this by using the values ​​that distinguish us: honesty, human sensitivity, respect, the ideal of fighting and working for our patients, residents, students, faculty and employees.

From this new stage, as Rector of the Medical Enclosure, the values ​​that guide us remain intact with a vision directed to the service, education of excellence and research. Our doors are open to listen to ideas and to meet the needs of our community.

History challenges us to manage out of convention; Makes us a claim of innovation. Know that in this leadership space, I am a support tool for all of you. I tell you with certainty that there are no limits to dream, I am here to support your dreams.

That was how we managed to create the first Simulation Center in Puerto Rico, next to inaugurate. The Center is a legacy for the educational component of the Medical Sciences Campus and for residents of surgery and other specialties. We create a legacy by dreaming and working with clear goals; Giving priority to our students, to the future of our country.

From the Department of Surgery we also managed to train pediatric surgeons from the community. When I started functions in the Department of Surgery in 2011, it had limitations to attend the children of Puerto Rico. The best gift we have given to the children of Puerto Rico is the training of three new pediatric surgeons who are already in our faculty and two who will return to their land to contribute to their alma mater; To help our people.

Thanks to the blessing of having been able to perform in all the hospitals of the Medical Center of Puerto Rico and in the positions of professor and Head of the Department of Surgery, I have been able to see, understand and be empathic with patients, non-teaching staff, students , Residents and teachers. Every day I have witnessed the needs of patients who arrive at the Medical Center, coming from various corners of the island.

From the Medical Sciences Campus, as head and leaders, we will actively respond to the needs of the Medical Center; We will do so with the full knowledge of how we should interact with the hospitals that comprise it.

We will respond to the health needs of our island to the height that these times require it. As a specialist in colon cancer surgery I have joined efforts with various organizations and initiatives that have been carried out in Puerto Rico for the prevention and management of colon cancer, a disease that represents a threat to public health. Serving the community is our destiny, our reason for being.

I share the same priorities the institution has to create the best educational environment, the best service environment and the best research environment.

For this purpose, we have an excellent team that will help us to achieve the goals we set and overcome the challenges that arise. We have academic and professional credentials and; With the experience and administrative vision necessary to strengthen and bring the Medical Sciences Campus to the stage of achievement that deserves to overcome the challenges that arise.

From now on, we are united as One Campus, One Voice.

Dr. Segundo Rodríguez Quilichini
Medical Sciences Campus
University of Puerto Rico
July 27, 2017

Dr. Segundo Rodríguez Quilichini, Rector del Recinto de Ciencias Médicas

Dr. Segundo Rodríguez Quilichini,
Chancellor of the Medical Sciences Campus