General Information
The Office of Legal Counsel provides legal advice and assistance to General Rector and Deans of Medical Sciences Campus related to legal and administrative university such as academic affairs, administrative, labor laws, and other grievances. Periodically provides guidance on copyright regulations and patents.


  • Lcdo. Raúl E. Bandas del Pilar, Director
  • Lcda. Bárbara Doris Rivera Burgos, Associate Director
  • Julio O. Minsal Ballester, JD, Assistant Director
  • Margarita Cotto Núñez, Executive Secretary
  • Nilda T. López Rivera, Administrative Secretary IV
  • Nélida Colón Rodríguez, Administrative Secretary III

Physical Address
Office #A-712
7th floor
Dr. José Guillermo Arbona Building (Main Building)

Telephone Numbers
(787) 758-5295
(787) 758-2525 Ext. 1745,1746, 1747

(787) 754-1751