If you come from any of the venues of the UPR System campus, please request through the Registration Office of your unit.


If you come from a private institution within or outside of Puerto Rico, and have not studied at any UPR System campus, please access: https://admisiones.upr.edu

Admission by Transfer from private university institutions inside and outside of Puerto Rico

Admission by transfer to the Medical Sciences Campus is the alternative for students interested in the Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree programs, which come from private university institutions inside and outside of Puerto Rico; and that they have not studied at any Campus of the UPR System.

How to apply?

Access to: https://admisiones.upr.edu. (Application for admission only for graduate studies and students applying to our undergraduate programs from private institutions).


Upon request, the student must meet the following requirements:

  • Have approved the minimum credits required with satisfactory academic progress.
  • Make sure that the institution or institutions of origin are accredited by the corresponding authorities to offer academic degrees at the university level.
  • Comply with the academic requirements established by the program to which you request admission.
  • Not have any disciplinary restriction or be on academic probation.

Admission by General Transfer or Articulated Transfer

The admission by transfer is filed by application in the Registrar’s Office of the UPR System Campus where the student was originally admitted. Said application must be filed on or before the date established in the academic calendar of the Campus.

General Transfer:

The general transfer applies to active students of the UPR System who have not completed an academic degree and are interested in moving to another Campus to complete the same, either in the same program or in a different program.

Articulated Transfer:

The articulated transfer applies to students admitted to a study program that requires transfer to another UPR System Campus to complete the academic degree. In order for the articulated transfer to materialize, students must have completed the basic or required courses of the program and meet the general and specific average established.

Campus With Articulated Transfer Programs:

  • UPR Bayamon to UPR Medical Sciences Campus: Bachelor Program in Nursing Sciences
  • UPR Carolina to UPR Medical Sciences Campus: Bachelor Program in Nursing Sciences and Associate Degree Program in Dental Assistance with Expanded Functions

School of Nursing

  Program Prerrequisites Application
Bachelor’s Sciences in Nursing (BSN) 65 credits Admission

School of Health Professions


  Program Prerrequisites Application
Grados Asociados Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions 30 credits  Admission
Ophthalmic Technology 33 credits  Admission
Radiologic Technology 30 credits  Admission
Bachelor’s Health Sciences Associate Degree in health profession and some specific classes  Admission
Medical Technology (MT) 100 credits  Admission
Nuclear Medicine Technology 99 credits  Admission
Veterinary Technology 64 credits  Admission

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